How To: Access Facebook at school using https

Access Facebook at school using https

In this video, we learn how to access Facebook at school using "https". You don't have to go to any website to do this, it's simple and easy. All you have to do is type in "https" into your browser before you type in the website you want to visit. Make sure you type in this extra "s" or the website will not work. This should bypass the security settings your school has set so you can access your Facebook account. If you happen to end up on a page when it doesn't work, just make sure the "s" is still there, then press refresh and it will work!

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You can also download ultra soft on a memory stick and get on any web site... or go onto cmd (command prompt) and ping the address and type the numbers for the site get on as fast as possible before it loads everything <--- as simple as I could put this by the way this isn't my account...:P hackers 4 life

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