Forum Thread: How to Collect 500 Emails in 2 Hours Email Marketing

Hello guys
in this video am going to show you
two softwares it's about email marketing
you can use them to target emails and start your campaign

before we go and explain how to use these two
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so the first software is yellow leads extractor
and as we can see it got a lot of options

yelp Portugal
yelp Finland
whatever you want
if you do have the link for the search page in yellow page
just paste it in here then click go
then click on collect data
let's see right here
as usual
type whatever you're searching for
then start with get data
and as i can see it works
and am gonna stop collecting
am just showing a demonstration for you

okay let's see it just loading
sorry about that

in that case you can search whatever you want
whatever niche you want or affiliate market

then when you're done select all which is ctrl+A
because if you didn't hit ctrl+a it will save only the first line

so hit ctrl+a then export

and here we are

the second software is atomic email hunter

you just need to type in this box whatever keyword you want
then click on start

for example make money online
as you can see it found 800 emails and rising
and whenever it checks a url you will find it in url processed
right now the url found is 1000
and till now we found like eleven
and also for example if you let it sear for like two hours
you will get like 500 600
if you filtr that emails like deleting
you will a good number and you can start your campaign
then you hit stop
let it load for like 30 second or so
then press on this arrow and export to excel and the same as yellow leads

wait for the next video
it's about collecting emails from linkedin via google without even going to linkedin website
by using chrome extensions
and another wonderful software
see you next video

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