Forum Thread: How to Reset ownCloud Administrator Password?

OwnCloud is free and open source software that operates as a very simple way to set up your own syncing, Dropbox-like cloud storage system on your own server or web site. It's robust enough that it has replaced Dropbox for me in all except a few choice cases. Let's see how to reset OwnCloud Admin Password.

(It works 100% only when you have installed ownCloud with MySQL.)

How to Reset OwnCloud Admin Password?

Have you forgotten OwnCloud Password? Don't Worry! Here is the easiest solution for this problem. Follow these steps. Here, I have used my CPanel Hosting for tutorial.

NOTE: This method is fully reset your saved files will be lost.

Step 1: Go to /public__html/(Your OwnCloud Path)/Config

For an example: if i have installed my ownCloud script into 'files' named folder, then my path will be "public_html/files/config/."

Step 2: Delete config.php File

Step 3: Open phpMyAdmin & Find OwnCloud Database

Step 4: In OwnCloud Database,Go to oc__users

Step 5: Delete All Uid (Users) From This Table

Step 6: Go to Your ownCloud Website & Set Up Administrator Again

See Video Below !!

Thank you !!

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do you know of any cloud storages that have direct download using URL and that won't flag apks as malicious or remove them?

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