How To: Get your suspended YouTube account back

Get your suspended YouTube account back

Falsely suspended on YouTube? Get you account back within a month. When your account is suspended on YouTube, all your videos will still be intact. Search "reopen account" without quotes in YouTube. Open the first video that is displayed. The video will show you link to contact YouTube. To get things straight, visit the link as stated in the video. You will get an email from YouTube explaining your penalties which are usually copyright claims. Click on each penalty and you'll be given a set of instructions which includes your personal and account information. Email YouTube again and use the text you've copy and pasted. Later on, you will get a message and it will usually take 10-14 business days to recover the account.

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None of this works. How can anyone possibly get into their youtube account to go to the video if it is suspended? I can't even use my channel account to watch other peoples videos. So I am suppose to use another one of my accounts to do this" when I am on another account the video doesn't show any kind of contact or email information either

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