How To: Recover a lost Administrator password in Joomla

Recover a lost Administrator password in Joomla

First things first: You can't actually recover a Joomla administrator password. That's because Joomla uses a one-way MD5 hash that prevents you from doing so. However, it is possible to reset your password.

We all have our brain fart days, so for those when your password completely escapes you, this video will come to your rescue. Take a look at this tutorial to learn how to reset your password using the MySQL database.

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GREAT TUTORIAL, I JUST TRIED IT WITH MY MYSQL DATABASE AND IT WORKED REALLY and was very EASY. Some times ago I forgot my admin password and I set up all from the begining. With this trick this will not will happen anymore. Now I know how to deal with that. Thanks a lot for sharing this video. Keep this work up. Best regards from Albania!

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