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So a lot of people find it awkward to speak in front of a camera but i like to think i do it very well. The link below is my lastest video. Here are some tips below to help you if you are worried about starting. Feel free to also check out my channel / message me with any questions and i will do my best to help.

Step 1: Buy a Decent Camera or Decent (White) Lighting.

With Youtube being at the standard it is now you can no longer record with just a webcam. Granted in the old days that was never an issue. Arguably lighting is more important than the camera but if you could get both it would help. I suggest going onto amazon if you are just starting, find budget HD camera. You can pick on up for £30-50 / $50-$80 these days. I addition look at small LED lights as they are also cheap but give your video a slightly professional feel. This should tie you over in the early stages until you fully commit.

Step 2: Make Your Channel

There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube for this if you get stuck. Make sure your name is something you can see yourself being called in 10 years time. Dont call yourself something like "Rubber Goose" because 9/10 you will want to change it. The name is changeable but once you have a URL (Custom Channel Link) that name will always be there www.rubbergoose/ , even if you change your channel name.

Step 3: Think of What You Want to Do

This is important as the subscribers / viewers you bring in are there for a reason. They subscribed because they like a video you had done. If my channel went from the comedy it is now into gaming then I guarantee i will lose a decent amount of subscribers. In addition you want to do something you enjoy and can see yourself doing for years to come. Personally i have been at it for almost 2 year and over 100 videos , its not easy but i love what i do and making people laugh.

Step 4: Promotion

Once you have your first video done ..... Wait. Make sure its as good as it can be , there is no rush. Nobody is waiting night/day for your video so make it to the best you can and then you atleast have more chance at bringing in a few new viewers.

Twitter is probably one of the best tools to use. Say my video above "Fun Fact Friday" - i could tweet with the hashtags #Friday #Youtube #Friday Feeling , this way it reaches people tweeting about those topics.

Step 5: Editing / Patience

You will need a program to edit with. If you are looking for free stuff them there is a lot out there, make sure the dont brand your video with their logos. I personally have the Adobe Suite , its expensive but like i said i know i love doing it and i feel i have become good enough to use it for the most part. If editting is new to you then i would get a free program , maybe movie maker or sony vegas 11.0 from amazon is very cheap £15 / $25. That is what i used when i first started. Get used to the process of cutting , rendering and all the bits that go with it.

Along side this comes patience, you will not get it over night nor is it likely that your channel with explode overnight , chances are after 2 months you look back at your first video and think oh my god thats bad. I would actually put money on it ! The truth is you will get better and better as time goes on , even i am still learning but looking back at my first video .... (privated) i have come such a long way.

Step 6: Have Fun!

The beauty of youtube is the ability to be / do whatever you want within reason. Enjoy it , if you do it for the numbers or money then you wont be doing it or long.

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