How To: Add Captions to Your YouTube Videos

Add Captions to Your YouTube Videos

Hello! Today, I will show you how to add captions to your YouTube videos. Captions help people understand when the video itself does not entirely explain your tutorial.

Step 1 Length

Check out the length of your video and combine it with the captions length.

Step 2 Determine the script

Decide where the text will be placed in the video and how long the words will be seen.

Step 3 Break length

Determine the length of the break in-between the words and sentences.

Step 4 Use a text editor

Go into Notepad or WordPad and insert the text. The captions text must be written in numbered steps, as in the example below.


00:00:00,00 --> 00:00:24,00
Welcome to my video.


  • Step, times, and captions should all be on separate lines, in that order.
  • The numbers 00:00:24,00 refer to the HH:MM:SS,MS (Hours:Minutes:Seconds,Milliseconds).
  • A space must be inserted both before and after the --> symbol.
  • A blank line must be inserted for a new numbered caption set.
  • Now, let's continue...

00:00:26,00 --> 00:00:30,00
My new tutorial.

00:00:33,00 --> 00:00:58,00
Check out the latest discovery.

00:01:05,00 --> 00:01:25,00
The news today was very specific about a certain novel.

Now, continue on with the steps and the words you wish to share with the world in your videos.


  • Be careful to make the spaces where necessary, otherwise the captions will not be in the right alignment..

Step 5 Save

Now save the file as a text.rst or text.txt.

Step 6 Go to your YouTube account

Go to the video and choose the one you will add captions to, then...

  • Click on edit Captions and Subtitles.
  • Upload your saved caption track.
  • Click on Request Processing.
  • Wait until the text is added. It could take a few days.


  • Be careful, the length of a video on YouTube is limited and so must be your text. It is better to make it good in the first making than to go through the text and video too many times. You'll save a lot of time and energy.

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