How To: Add media to your Facebook profile

Add media to your Facebook profile

Having a boring Facebook profile is lame! Impress your friends and flaunt your social networking skills by sprucing up your Facebook profile.

No one's impressed by a boring profile. Spice things up with links, pictures, and videos.

Step 1: Add a link

Want to add a link to an article, blog, or other web site? Go to your Facebook profile and click the Link icon under the What's on your mind? prompt in the Publisher box. Copy the link URL and hit Attach. Add a description if you like, then click Share to publish the link to your profile.

Step 2: Add a photo

To add a picture, click the Photo icon. Then choose Upload a Photo, Take a Photo, or Create an Album. To upload a photo, click Browse, locate the picture in your computer's files, and click Open. Then hit Share. To take a photo with your webcam, click Allow, if prompted, and use the camera icon to take the picture; then share.

Step 3: Create an album

To create an album, first name it, enter the location where the pictures were taken, and set the privacy controls. Click Share and Trust to give Facebook access to your computer. Then pick the pictures that will go into the album. Hit Upload to finish.

TIP: After uploading your pictures, tag people and add captions by clicking on the photo, then clicking Edit This Photo.

Step 4: Upload a video

To upload a video, hit Browse, find the video you want to post, click Open, and then Share. After it's uploaded, close the pop-up window, or click Close Window and Edit to name your video and adjust the privacy settings.

TIP: Never upload anything you don't have the rights to.

Step 5: Record video

Add video footage. Click the icon and choose Record a Video or Upload a Video. To record one with your webcam, click Allow; then close the pop-up window. Use the buttons at the bottom of the display to create your clip, and hit "Share." Now you've got a multimedia profile you can be proud of!

Did you know? More than 900 million photos are uploade

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