How To: Add a new album and photos to your Facebook page

Add a new album and photos to your Facebook page

First log into your Facebook account and sign in. Then when you sign in click under your "profile". You will be redirected to another page. This will be your main page, with all of your information that you have put in and what not. Next click on 'Photos'. It will take you to another page. Once in your in there, you will click on 'create a photo album'. You need to name the new album and then create album. Next it will ask the location of the files. It will be located on your computer. Usually found in my pictures on your pc. Next click on the simple uploader and then manually select the pictures you want (there are other ways to upload, this is just one of the easiest ways). You need to do this one picture at a time. Click to give permission to view the files. Next click upload the photos. Depending on how fast your connection is and how many photos you are uploading, it may take awhile to upload them. After that is done you have the option of editing them. And voila you're done. :)

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