How To: Autoplay, loop & change the size of YouTube videos

Autoplay, loop & change the size of YouTube videos

YouTube videos can be embedded in other websites like MySpace. Go to the YouTube page of the video that you want to display on other websites. In the right had side of the page there are details of the video like the URL to it and below it is the Embed link. This link can be used to embed this video in other websites. To do this first copy the embed code and go to your MySpace edit page. Copy the code over there. Now delete everything that is there between the embed tags. Now in the code after the URL of the image you can add other options like autoplay. To do this at the end of the URL add &autoplay=1. This makes the video to play automatically when the page is loaded. This video shows how to embed your YouTube video in other websites and change settings like the size, autoplay etc.

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