How To: Big Brother's Watching You (HowTo Un-Google Yourself)

Big Brother's Watching You (HowTo Un-Google Yourself)

Some think of Google as the ultimate Big Brother, and with good reason. If you use Google (and most of us do), Google potentially has your email history, your complete search history, your travel routes, your interests, and more. Maybe they've even snapped a picture of you out in the real world (via Google Street View).

If you're creeped out by Google's totalitarian rule of the web, you may want to start delisting from the services listed above (check out anti-Google site

However, turning up in Google search results is a whole different story. As Wired's How-To Wiki says, "any schmuck can find out more about you than you'd like by typing only your first and last name."

"The best and easiest way to remove content from Google (and other search engines in the process) is to remove the content from the internet. This guide will show you how to make the best of the content that is there or how to remove it entirely."

Click through for Wired's Guide.

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And with introduction of Google Public DNS (, they will be able to track every singe dns request your IP makes (assuming you will use the service).

Don't forget they own youtube now, add that to the cookies they plant.

Google truly is becoming the evil empire!

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