How To: Browse the Internet at work

Browse the Internet at work

Learn how to browse the Internet at work and get away with it. Load Excel (Any version will do). Click on the Data tab. Click 'Import External Data'. Click 'New Web Query'. Once the window has loaded, click through the prompts, selecting Yes. When the window has loaded completely, go to your favorite website in any browser you want. For this example, Twitter is used. Go to the RSS Feed and copy the link that appears at the top. Paste the link into Excel and click the Import button. Accept any prompts that appear and then click Ok. All the Twitter feed will now load into Excel. You can remove any columns you don't need. If you want it to look real, add headings etc. You can even make the feed auto-refresh. To use auto refresh, Go to External Data Range Properties. Click 'Refresh every' and set the time in minutes of each refresh. Click Ok.

Once these steps have been followed, you will be able to view your feeds in peace. Have fun!

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