How To: Build a DIY Blog Without Being a Guru: Simple and Easy

Build a DIY Blog Without Being a Guru: Simple and Easy

Do you have a passion that you would like to share with the world, but not sure how to do it. If so, that was my story too. I knew the niche I wanted to share, but I had no computer, video editing, website, or any other digital experience.

I will admit, I made a lot of mistakes and still do. My content or videos are far from perfect, but I don't let that stop me.

While attending the school of hard knocks and trying to start my own DIY blog and YouTube channel, I've managed to have multiple YouTube channels with millions of views and one of the top websites all within a single niche, which is my passion I have for cars.

If I can do this, I'm quite confident you can too. I've been asked how to get started with a online DIY business and I am going to show you what I've done. Watch this quick video to learn the first step.

As I mentioned, my videos and content are still not perfect, but I have been able to become one of the top contributors in the auto body and paint niche.

Soon, I am going to start a new YouTube channel and show you how to set it up for a DIY business onine. It's really not that hard. It takes effort, but most of all you must start...I mean not let the reasons you can't get started stop you.

If I let the fact that I am no match for all of the internet and computer gurus or not able to edit videos well stop me, my views would still be ZERO. So watch the video and check out the link mentioned in the video and get started. I'll be back to take you to the next step.

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