How To: Build a website for free with Weebly

Build a website for free with Weebly

1. On the browser, type If you are a new user, then sign up. Write your username, email, password, and click on Sign Up and Start Creating.

2. Next, it will ask, "Title Your New Site". Give any name, for example, Online Business Trainer,

and click on Continue.

3. This is basically drag and drop. You can see a tab called Elements. Under it you have: pictures, you tube, audio player. Select whatever you want.

4. You have Revenue, More, Multimedia etc. Select as per your need.

5. Another tab is Designs. It will show a number of designs for your website. Select any one.

6. Next tab is Pages which allows you to add home pages, and new pages for your website.

7. Click on New Pages button. It will ask for Page Name. Give any name, for example, Home. Select password protected, if you want. Select Yes on Show a Navigator. Then click Save.

8. You can add more pages using the same method.

9. Put title, pictures on your pages.

10. Change color of the text, and apply Html link to the website to make it more attractive.

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