How To: Catch a Hacker?

Catch a Hacker?

Hello! This post is not about craft, it's about cyber bullying. If you ever had such an experience, that an unknown hacker was bullying you for no reason at all, please follow my words. Thank you!

Step 1: Let All the People You Know That Your Are Being Harassed.

Hacking is these days for some people considered a sport. They usually harass people they do not know for no reason at all. Maybe because they are so bored or unemployed.

Remember that no person, a stranger or somebody you know has no right to harass you. In any field of your life - professional or personal.

Especially if you are not a public person. There is a big difference, if somebody types in the wrong telephone number or if somebody openly harasses you on your computer. People who are honest, will speak to you in person.

If you discover a trace of a hacker, be careful. Remember, breaking into your computer, a violent act, can mess many things in your life.

For example, a person can pretend to be you and write to other people in your name. And who knows what kind of stupid things is the same person capable of writing. And again - for no reason.*

The person hacking you knows exactly what you do on your computer. As a consequence he can write bad stuff, lies or his fantasies about you anywhere on the web, and can even interfere in your daily work.

In that case, if that is happening, make sure he won't find a single word about your personal life or give away only the data you want (even if it is not 100 % true). In fact, you can play mind games with such a person, if your personality allows you to do so.

If the hacker became unbearable, you can take action. In America cyber bullies can be legally punished and off course, caught in the act. Unfortunately, in Europe (for example in Slovenia) such policy is not yet established.*

Step 2: Do It Your Way

If the legal system cannot help you, take action on your own. There are many written books about the ways of hacking. Study them and I guarantee you that you will catch your hacker in a heartbeat.

Some hints:

Try to remember all the people with computing skills you know, they could help you or they could harm you. But do not panic, even if you cannot trust anybody anymore. Be patient and you will find the crook.

Install a screen camera (you can find free versions on the web)- you can record all you do and all the suspicious movement in your computer*

Install some high-value security systems - for example, the ones that block a hacker, who is trying to break through your fire-wall. And save all the important information on the outside disk.

If you have a small web camera on, make sure you do not do anything unusual while recording-the hacker could tape it or steal it.*

Write down the words that your faithful hacker is writing to you, that could really come in handy. You could even recognize the person, even if he or she is a stranger. Use your detective skills.

If all you tried failed, it is only the parody that is left. Put the words of a hacker anywhere many people can see them - under the public eye, maybe on your web page, in the ad, in a funny video about the topic (maybe YouTube's Ask Shane style), etc.*

Remember, there are many ways to get rid of a hacker. Use your imagination and invite friends and others to help you. Good luck!

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