How To: Change CNAME records of a domain and create email apps

Change CNAME records of a domain and create email apps

You can create the Google apps email like Gmail for your domain. So to do this first you need to go to the and click on the standard in "other Google apps editions". Now click on "get started". Now select "administrator: I own..." and enter your domain name and click get started. Now on next page create your account by filling all the fields and click continue and now fill the info of your administrator account and click I accept button. Now next step is for the verification of your domain name to do this there are two options first one is to upload a html file and second one is to change the CNAME record. Now if you choose second option, it will be a little techy thing for you so it would be better if you contact your hosting company to do that. Like if you having hostgator, go to there and login into your account and click live chat support icon and fill up you name, domain name and technical support in the department field and write there your request and click on start chat. They will do it immediately and then go back Google aps and click "I've completed the steps above" and you are done.

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