How To: Change the default notification sound in the TweetDeck Twitter app

Change the default notification sound in the TweetDeck Twitter app

Is the default TweetDeck notification sound driving you crazy? Change it to something of your liking. It's an easy process and this video presents a complete, step-by-step overview of what you'll need to do. For more information, including detailed instructions, and to get started changing the TweetDeck notification sound yourself, take a look.

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This does not work on MAC. I've even tried replacing the system sound Purr.aiff, but TweetDeck still plays the same goddamn sound... Any clues ?

It's driving me crayz - after half a day of listening to that bird, I'm ready to switch. What's the best alternative?

I hate that sound!!! Unfortunately I am using Linux, and TweetDeck is working on a Google Chrome Extension... so, I think there is no way to turn it off.

wats annoying is people that title their blog 'how to fix.....' and all they have to offer is 'how to break.....'

tal (thx a lot)

You can turn the volume down to Zero on it - in the settings. I don't hear it at all. What I am wondering is if we can hide that window altogether?

Thanks for the practical solution Tracey.

What about the annoying default DING in Facebook notifications?
The designers seem to have only thought about Android, but not about pc windows browsers.
Excuse posting here but dont know where else to post

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