How To: Check & fix your address on Google Maps

Check & fix your address on Google Maps

Now you can make sure your home address is in the right location on Google Maps. If it's not, you can move it to the correct spot. Try it at!!

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I have a business
Estilo Salon and Day Spa
Village of Ponderosa
440 Fairway Drive Suite 100
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
when the map comes up it goes to Fairway Drive in Indianola Iowa this is throwing salon locators off when people type in my zip code. Can you help me fix this problem. I can't see to figure it out. Thank you Cindy Landa

I sent in a suggestion to Google saying that when you press the street view icon the starting view should actually be of the location. A couple of says later the place I told them about showed up in street view correctly.

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