How To: Check your internet speed and avoid spam traps

Check your internet speed and avoid spam traps

To test how fast your internet speed is an intermediate level skill. Start by picking an internet speed test. You can use Google or another search engine to find one. A service that is recommended in the video is DSLreports. This site does not require you to know a lot of information about your service. To test your speed start by picking a city that is near to you. Then shut down all tabs and every application that you have running. It's important to do this on every computer on your home network. If anything is using your bandwidth the test will register a lower amount of speed than you actually have. Click the city you have chosen and the program will use dummy data to measure the latency and the download and upload data transfer speeds. You will see a graph comparing your speed to others who have used the test. The graph can be filtered by using ISP or your zip code. You will never get the exact speed promised because bandwidth is shared by your neighbors and can vary wildly based on how many neighbors are using the service. So it is best to do a number of tests at different times and using different services. Dslreports provides a list of different services that are available.

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