How To: Choose a web hosting company

Choose a web hosting company

In this video about choosing a web hosting company. The narrator begins by saying that web pages are hosted on servers; the files that make up a web site are hosted or stored on a server. The narrator recommends a service called Host Gator. He indicated they are reliable and provide reasonably priced web hosting services. He briefly discusses the process they charge for their different levels of hosting services. Next he shows the steps to hook your domain name to the host account. He demonstrates how to create a new account, creates his password, then links his domain name to the server name so that when someone enters his domain name, the host server will pull up the web page.

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When choosing a host one should look for the reliability,reputation,support that the host provides.By looking through the user reviews one can get clear idea about the host because it will contain honest feedback.The host should satisfy the customer's demands without any hidden charges.Providers like help the user to host at affordable rates with their quality service.

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