How To: Clear Your Cookies and Cache in Windows XP

Clear Your Cookies and Cache in Windows XP

This video explains how to delete cookies in Windows XP, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. To delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox, choose the "tools" option from the tool bar, then choose "options", then choose "privacy". Many options will be given under the "privacy" menu, but make sure to choose the following options- "accept cookies from site" and "accept third party cookies", then choose the option "I close Firefox option" under "keep until" then choose "ok" to delete the cookies whenever you close Firefox.

Deleting cookies from Internet Explorer- choose "tools" from tool bar then choose "internet options" under "tools". Choose "Delete browsing history option" under "general". Many options will be displayed under it. Choose the "delete" option under "browsing history", then choose the "cookies" option that will be displayed. Automatically, an option will pop up asking whether you want to delete all cookies or not. If you choose yes, then all the cookies will be automatically deleted.

Deleting cookies from Opera- choose "tools" option from toolbar then choose "preferences". Then, pick the "advanced" option from the tab that is opened, and choose "history" option that is given above "cookies". Then you can see an option named "memory cache". Set it to "automatic" and check the "empty on exit" option and click "ok". All the cookies will then be deleted.

Another method to delete cookies in Windows XP is by typing "cookies" in "run" from "start menu", then under the index all the cookies will be displayed. Choose "delete cookies" from the left side of the screen and all the cookies will then be automatically deleted.

For help clearing the cache on other platforms and browsers, see "How to Clear Your Cache on Any Web Browser" for details.

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