How To: Convert PDF Documents to JPG Images Online for Free

Convert PDF Documents to JPG Images Online for Free

PDF is a convenient format for documents that can embed text and pictures and can be read by almost any device—personal computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. However, PDFs are mostly read-only files, so sometimes it's necessary to convert them to JPG images, a universal format for pictures. JPGs can be modified by software such as Adobe Photoshop or posted on Facebook.

This article explains how to convert a PDF to a set of JPGs using an online tool,

Step 1 Visit the PDF to JPG Online Converter

Using your favorite browser, go to

Step 2 Pick the PDF Document to Convert

Click the "Choose file" button in the middle of the page (the exact name may change, depending on your browser). A file dialog appears. Select the PDF to convert on your hard drive.

Step 3 Optionally, Select a JPG Quality

You can select the output JPG quality. It is expressed in "DPI" (dots per inch). The lower the DPI, the lighter the output JPG. The higher the DPI, the better the pictures quality.

Step 4 Optionally, Enter Your Email

The conversion process takes only a few seconds to complete. However, if you wish, you can be notified by email when your PDF is converted, with a direct link to access the converted JPG. This option is also useful if you want to send the JPG to someone—enter his/her email and he/she will be notified when the pictures are ready. 

Step 5 Initiate the Conversion

Press the "Convert PDF to JPG" button. Your browser sends your PDF to the online services. This takes a few seconds or a few minutes, depending of your PDF size and your Internet connection speed.

When your PDF is sent, the conversion takes place. A new page appears and displays the converted JPG as they are produced.

Step 6 Download the JPG

The converter generates one JPG file per PDF page. You can view or download each one by clicking the related link. You can also download all JPGs as a single ZIP file. This is useful if your PDF has  many pages, thus producing many JPGs.

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