How To: Convert a PDF to an Online aXmag Flash Magazine

Convert a PDF to an Online aXmag Flash Magazine

Step 1 Find a PDF

You need a PDF file on your computer to convert, so keep the file path in mind.

Step 2 Visit aXmag

Go the aXmag website to submit a PDF.

Step 3 Choose the PDF

Click the "Browse" button to choose your PDF file you want to convert. Once chosen, fill out your email address in the space provided.

Step 4 Upload the PDf

Now just click on the "Upload & Convert PDF" button and wait while the conversion is processed.


  • A URL link is given after conversion. Open this link or save it for future use. Remember, the URL and HTML code can be found in the "Share" button from converted flash. 
  • Whatever the PDF is, it is much more delicate and readable than the original one. Apart from   entertainment, it also plays a role in presentation and resume.


  • In addition, is an online reading platform, makes good effect with higher cost, and develops open source and makes freeware. Try before you buy any of these products. That's all I got, fell free to feed me back any comments or suggestions. Thanks! And check out the video below for a visual walkthrough of converting PDF to an online magazine.

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