How To: Create a Facebook account & add or accept friends

Create a Facebook account & add or accept friends

1. Open the web browser and type and press enter.

2. In order to be a member you will have to first sign up as a facebook member.

a) Fill in the necessary detail such as the required username, password, date of birth, email id etc.

3. After signing up you will have to confirm by logging in to your email a/c and by clicking on the link emailed by

a) After confirming, use your password to enter into your facebook a/c.

4. In your first sign up process, facebook will you to fill your high school, colleage, company and other profile information’s such as city/town

5. In the next step, you have another option where you can find your friends by entering their email ID or by entering their names.

6. You can update or edit your profile at any time.

7. You can also add a profile picture (of you) by uploading a photo that you have in your computer.

8. In order to add friends, click on friends and search for friends by typing in their names/email id’s etc.

9. You can also accept the friends request sent by your friends by clicking on the confirm button.

a) In order to confirm the friends request browse to notification (found above the window).

10. Lastly you can log out by clicking on the logout button found on the top of the window.

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