How To: Create a Facebook fan page in a few simple steps

Create a Facebook fan page in a few simple steps

First, you must log on to your personal face book page or create one if you do not already have, but don't log in yet. Then at the bottom of the face book home page click the click here sign within the words to create a page for a celebrity, band, or business click here. Now that you are on this page log in. You will be able to select what you are. Enter name of your website, now select that you are authorize to create this page. You must then enter your electronic signature, which is the exact name of your original face book page (usually whatever your name is unless you used a nickname ex. John Smith). Click create page. Anyone that visits your page can become a fan. You can now start adding content on your page. You can write something on your wall, add administrators, upload photos, and create events and many more things. Face book is very user friendly so the activities mentioned above are very easy to do. Now go and start leveraging the power of Facebook.

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