How To: Create a free website with Circlepad

Create a free website with Circlepad

This video is a tour of circlepad rather than a tutorial, for people who would like to make web pages without having to learn html using circlepad.
The way to sign up and making video is rather simple and is explained on a video on their homepage.

Therefore, this is a video showing the circlepad website than how to use it

There is a paid version that is without advertising and with more features than the free version.

He describes a simple webpage he had created
Shows text he added, some menus he added at the top of the page.

Shows the tool bar showing the tools and widgets available to add to a potential page
If you want to change any text you can select it and edit or rotate it

The paint feature allows you to select a brush or image and draw it directly on the page.
You can delete an item by clicking and selecting delete, and undo that action in the toolbar
A website can be made in 20 minutes. You can start from a blank page or a template.
You can select backgrounds, fonts, images, and add videos.

You can then publish the page and then your page is hosted on circlepage (with advertisements) if you use the paid version you can redirect it to your own address and remove advertisements.

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