How To: Create a new account, add and edit in Blogger

Create a new account, add and edit in Blogger

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to create a new account, add and edit in Blogger. First go to Blogger. On the home page click on 'create a blog'. You will be taken to the account setting up page. Feed in all the details including our email. Then open your email and click on the confirmation link. You will then be taken to your dashboard or your home page. On this page you can click on 'new post' button and start writing your blog. When you do this a word processing document will appear. Here you add a title in the 'title' box and then type your blog in the bigger box. To edit an old post, go back to the dashboard and click on 'edit posts'. This will list out all your posts. Click on 'edit' on the post that you want to edit. Select a part of the text that you want to make bold and click on 'b' and it will become bold. Similarly, you can do various things like highlighting, italics, change color, size and fonts of the ext. To do this, select the text and select the function on the top horizontal bar of the text box. Watch the video for further tips.

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