How To: Create, share & embed a C-SPAN library video clip

Create, share & embed a C-SPAN library video clip

C-SPAN is one of the best ways to get your news on the web. Watching their videos from their website will get you up-to-date on all of the new headlines, and it will always give you a history lesson with all of the past headlines. See something interesting while watching a C-SPAN video and want others to see it, too? C-SPAN makes it easy to clip the exact portion you want, and share it with friends or embed it on a website or blog. Just follow these instructions.

Step 1: Create a clip
To create and share a video clip, click on the Share box, then use the Preview and Pause buttons to start and stop the video; or drag the time icon above the timeline to skip around the video. Then, click "Mark In" where you want the clip to start and "Mark Out" where you want it to end. You can also adjust the start and end times by dragging the handles.

Step 2: Go straight to the section you want
Know exactly what you're looking for? Jump right to it by scanning the transcript and clicking on the relevant section, or by using the "Search the Transcript" box.

Step 3: Review and tighten
Hit the "Preview" button to review your video clip. You can tighten it by using your keyboard's arrow keys to adjust the clip in 1-second intervals.

Step 4: Send it
Satisfied with your clip? Click E-mail and Copy to either send the video clip via automated e-mail or copy the link into a personalized message. You can also tweet the video clip, Digg it, or post it on Facebook or Delicious by clicking one of those options.

Step 5: Create a clip to embed
To embed a video clip on a website or blog, click on the Embed box underneath the video; if the video isn't embeddable, the button will indicate that. Create the clip the same way you made a video clip to share.

Step 6: Embed it
When you're happy with your clip, click on the box in the top right corner to copy the code, which you can then paste to your website or blog. Thanks to the C-SPAN Video Library, sharing or embedding has never been easier!

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