How To: Create a static FBML page for your Facebook fan page

Create a static FBML page for your Facebook fan page

This videos is a tutorial for using custom FBML coding on facebook fan page.The video begins by logging into facebook account.Then go to the search bar at the upper right hand corner and tpe "static fbml" and hit enter.This takes to the application page and click on "add to my page" below the default fbml picture.A window opens up showing a list of user pages and after selecting the page click on "add to page".Close the window and go to your fan page and click on "edit page".This shows a list of all applications added on the fan page.Choose a fbml application and click on edit.This opens up an edit window.Give the box title and add the coding on the form page and save it.Open the application with the name you had given in the box title.Then go to "wall",click on options,settings and under "view settings" set it to display your box title.

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