How To: Create a wiki in Wikispaces

Create a wiki in Wikispaces

This video tutorial from Mark Dusting shows how to create and edit wiki page in Wikispaces.

To start, open internet browser and go to

Enter your registration information (username, password, email address)in Get started section. Once you're done click Get Started.

If you already have Wikispaces account click Sign in.

Your account web page will open. It contains dashboard, mail and settings tabs.

On the dashboard you can browse through all the posts and topics created by you and other blog users.

To edit a post, click on it from Dashboard and then click Edit this page button from top menu.

Editor's Toolbar will appear. Here you can find text alignment and font settings, link tool, file attachment tools, widgets, etc.

Once you've finished editing the page, click Save button on editor's toolbar.

All the changes you did will be saved.

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