How To: Create your own personalized Google home page

Create your own personalized Google home page

This 'how-to' video explains how to customize your Google homepage. To do this, simply go to and click on i Google in the top right corner of the page. That will display the different content options that you can apply to your Google homepage. The video suggests starting out by selecting some of the more popular content, and then click save. Once the content is added you can move it around by clicking on the top of the application and moving it to the desired location. If you decide that you do not want the content you can click on the "X" in the top right corner to delete it. To add a theme you just need to click on "Select theme." When you select a theme it will apply the theme to the page, and if you like it you can click apply. From there it will ask for your date and time so it can update features of the theme from there. When you are all set updating just click on i Google and all of the features will be applied. Once it is set up just create or sign-in to a Google account and your content will be saved for you.

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