How To: Create YouTube playlists and get an embed code

Create YouTube playlists and get an embed code

In this video, the author shows how one can make one's own playlists on YouTube, and also get the code which can be embedded on one's website or blog. All one has to do' according to the author, is to first load all the videos which one wants in a playlist and pause them. Then one has to click the 'Playlists' option under the video pane. In the drop-down list which opens, one can choose one of the existing playlists or create a new one, and then, simply click the 'add' button. This action has to be taken with all the videos that one needs to add to that particular playlist. For getting the embed code, one has to open the playlist, click 'play all' and then click on the playlist link below 'Playlists'. On the page that opens, one can use the 'Embeddable player' code for embedding on one's website, or the 'Playlist/URL (Permalink)' for embedding/posting on social networking sites.

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