How To: Delete browser cookies from a computer

Delete browser cookies from a computer

Removing the cookies from Firefox and Internet Explorer is explained in this how-to video.

First let's see how to delete cookies from Firefox browser, just follow the following steps:

1) Open the Firefox browser and choose the option "tools" from the toolbar, Under "tools" click on the option "options".

2) When you click on "options" list of options will be displayed, click on "privacy" you will get an option "cookies" choose the option "show cookies", a list of cookies will be displayed, you can choose the list of cookies to be deleted, once you the cookies click on "delete cookies" option.

Other method is go to "tools" choose the option "clear private data" then check the box next to "cookies" and press ok to delete all the cookies from the computer.

Removing cookies from Internet Explorer browser:

1)Go to "tools" choose "internet options" under "general" tab there will be an option "delete cookies" if you want delete cookies choose "delete" to remove all the cookies from the computer.

Benefits: If you follow all the steps you can remove the cookies from your computer which in turn will increase the performance of your computer.

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