How To: Delete Browsing History, Cache, and Cookies in Windows

Delete Browsing History, Cache, and Cookies in Windows

This video, filmed by Douglo95Producings, explains how to delete your internet browsing tracks. It is clearly described and easy to follow, for everyone. The video and sound quality, are very good, giving the viewer an easier to follow step by step guide. He gives answers to the people who ask questions and answers all the things you need to know on this action. He explains how long it will take, and what you are doing very well so the viewer gets an idea on what he is watching. The viewer would learn how to delete tracks, of what he has done or viewed on the internet, which some people do not yet know how to do, and greatly appreciate the help from this person.

For help clearing the web cache on other platforms and browsers, see "How to Clear Your Cache on Any Web Browser" for details.

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