How To: Delete subscribers from your YouTube account

Delete subscribers from your YouTube account

Follow along as this video tutorial shows us how to delete subscribers from our YouTube account.

-First, you will need to start by going to YouTube and logging into your account.
-Once logged in, click on the word Account at the top of the page.
-Then click on Address Book, then select the down arrow next to the 'New' button and click Contact.
-The type or paste the username of the account you want to delete into the Username box.
-You can put whatever you want in the name and email boxes.
-Once this contact has been created, click the block button.
-Then, you will need to right click on the Account button and select Open Link in a New Tab. You can then go look at your subscribers and you will see this person has been removed.

That's it, just follow along and learn how to delete subscribers from your YouTube account.

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