How To: Delete temporary internet files and cookies in IE 7

Delete temporary internet files and cookies in IE 7

If your computer or web browser is running slowly, a good place to start clearing space is in your Temporary Internet Files. Temporary Internet files, as well as cookies, are collected every time you visit a site online. These files make it easier for your PC to remember your browsing history, and your log in information for various websites. However, sometimes all of these little files can add up into one big clog on your machine. If your computer isn't running up to par, follow along with this tutorial and learn how to clear up some memory by deleting the temporary Internet files and cookies in Internet Explorer version 7. This is not a difficult process and you will be able to do it very quickly. Once you've rid your machine of these files, you should be up and running at a better speed in no time. You should perform this clean up periodically to keep your Internet running as fast and smooth as possible.

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