How To: Downgrade from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows XP

Downgrade from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows XP

Learn how to downgrade and install Windows XP from Vista. You will need a Windows XP disc, a computer, and CD/DVD drive, backup of all files. Be sure to backup all the data before doing this Windows XP will not save your files. Insert your Windows Up disc. Then in the screenGo to devices->CD/DVD devices->Host drive D.Make sure your computer sees the disc. From start menuGo to computer->CD drive D from devices with removable storage. And select run setup.exeThen vista will die and restart your computer.On your BIOS screen it will show you to select your boot device by pressing a key. Press that key. You will be taken to setup; it will take long time, when setup finishes press ENTER keyAgree to the EULA.A screen for Windows Up professional setup comes and in that screen selects the partition and press dIf you are not downgrading and just installing XP choose your partition and press ENTERDowngraders press ENTER/RETURN to format the partition and press L, then press RETURN.Choose "format the partition using NTFS file system"Setup will start installing.setup will initialize XP configuration.When prompted to reboot press ENTER/RETURN keyIf you are asked to boot from CD, do not do it.You will be taken to GUI installation.When prompted enter your name and organization.Give the computer a name and enter an administrator password.Enter the date, time and time zone you are in.Let setup complete.Windows will restart.Follow the steps.You are ready to go.

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