How To: Download images from Yahoo with Firefox

Download images from Yahoo with Firefox

Watch this video to learn how to download images from Yahoo using Firefox. 1. Click to open Firefox. 2. Surf or open the Yahoo main website by typing 3. Click the Images tab. 4. Click the Search Box and type the word of the image that you are searching for. 5. Click Image Search tab. 6. Thumbnails of images will appear. 7. Note the name of the file, dimensions, file size and URL. 8. Choose a picture that you like and click on it. 9. The picture will become a bit bigger and will move to the upper left side. 10. Click on View Image to view its full size. 11. The image will now appear alone in it its full size. 12. Right click on the image. 13. Choose and click Save Image As. 14. A window will appear. Click on file destination of your choice where you want to save the image. Usually, it's My Documents. 15. Click on My Documents followed by My Pictures. 16. Click Save.

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