How To: Download Limewire Pro 5.3.6

Download Limewire Pro 5.3.6

Download LimeWire Pro 5.3.6 and enjoy an easy experience downloading audio, video, and images.

Download the Limewire Pro 5.3.6 file here.
After the download is complete, go to your desktop and double click the LimeWire Pro file.
The Limewire Pro 5.3.6 file opens.
It may take a few moments for the program to load.
After LimeWire Pro loads, you may want to wait for the connection to say Turbo Charged in the lower left hand corner before start downloading.
When you have a connection you can start downloading material.
For example: You can search for a song by selecting Audio in the tool-bar and typing in the name of a song you want to download. When the search criteria comes up with options, you select the one you want, and it starts to download.
If you want to view a list of the items you have downloaded, you can view them in the Library.
Use these steps to download and use LimeWire Pro.

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