How To: Download TED Talks Videos onto Your Computer with the TEDinator

Download TED Talks Videos onto Your Computer with the TEDinator

The TED website offers hours and hours of amazing streaming videos, with subjects including why videos go viral and sixth sense technology. With so much great content, it make sense that you'd want to save some of it to your computer, perhaps for a long plane flight or bus ride home.

Unfortunately, because TED uses a proprietary video player, you can't use the normal stream downloading sites that you would for, say, YouTube. Luckily, there's a way around that.

Just install the TED Downloader, aka the TEDinator. The newest version not only lets you set downloads of the streaming videos, but it also lets you browse the selection right inside the application. In addition, TED Downloader also lets you optionally include subtitles with the video, just in case that speaker's a bit hard to understand.

Much in the spirit of TED itself, this piece of software is absolutely free. Give it a download and soon you'll have free access to the hours and hours of incredible (and portable) lectures and talks about technology, entertainment, and design.

Image by Advisor's Advisor Insight

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