How To: Enable & disable browser add-ons in IE 8

Enable & disable browser add-ons in IE 8

Whethamsolution’s Quick tip walks us through some of the issues caused by use of add-ons in Internet explorer 8 web browser. The video also shows how to manage the add-ons installed in IE8. Add-ons are software’s which enhance the functionality of a web browser. Though most add-ons enhance the browser functionality to a great extent they often tend to slow down the browser drastically. Moreover unwanted add-ons like toolbar's and malicious scripts may cause nuisance to browsing experience. To avoid such instances add-ons have to be managed properly. Here are steps to enable and disable unwanted add-ons installed in your system.

1) To view the add-ons available on Internet explorer 8 select “Tools” menu and click “Manage Add-ons” from the menu. You may also use shortcut keys ALT + Tools to access the tools menu.

2) Most of the add-ons are found in the “Toolbars and Extensions” options. On the right hand side notice the list of add-ons.

3) The add-ons are sorted by name of the company publisher and status.

4) On double clicking on a selected add-on the status can be enabled or disabled.

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