How To: Finally “Thumbs Down” Things You Dislike on Facebook

Finally “Thumbs Down” Things You Dislike on Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to show how much you appreciate a funny status, great picture, or cool news article using their iconic "thumbs up" button, but what about those terrible jokes and annoying baby pictures? Where's the "thumbs down" for that crap?

I've been excited for a "dislike" option for some time now, but Facebook really dropped the ball back in December when they finally released a "thumbs down" button. Why? Because it wasn't a button, it was a sticker, and it was only available in the Messenger app. Plus, you had to download it from the "Sticker Store" to even use it.

Who cares about stickers? The whole point is to show everyone else on Facebook that you disliked something, not to send cute looking pictures to your one friend using the Messenger app.

How to Get a Real Dislike Button on Facebook

"Dislike" extensions are nothing new. They're browser add-ons that add their own "thumbs down" button to your Facebook account, and they're pretty cool for the devoted disliker. Unfortunately, it's our only option for disliking (aside from using the Hater app), and probably will be for some time since Facebook would rather focus on "positive social interactions."

The problem is, only people with these extensions installed in their browser can see your dislikes. So, if you want to make your dislikes known to your entire Facebook friend list, you need to bug them to install the extensions too.

A lot of these extensions have come and gone over the last couple of years, so I'm going to show you a few that are still around for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Dislike on Facebook (Chrome)

For Chrome, the best "thumbs down" option right now is Dislike on Facebook. Once installed, you can begin disliking comments and posts immediately. No need to mess around with any settings or anything like that.

FB Dislike (Chrome / Firefox)

To get more of your Facebook friends on board, you'll be better off using a cross-browser extension, like FB Dislike by Thomas Moquet, which works for both Chrome and Firefox. Just beware that this add-on is powered by advertisements to support its maintenance costs, so it can seem kind of spammy at times. Just beware of that.

Dislike Button for Facebook (Chrome)

Chrome also has a Dislike Button for Facebook, which adds a strange looking "thumbs down" icon to posts. This is the whackiest of them all, so I would suggest skipping over this one.

As of right now, these are the best options out there, since the other ones you'll find in the Chrome Web Store and Add-ons for Firefox page have been abandoned or riddled with malware.

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Are you calling "crap" to baby pictures?? How about the games invitation, pictures of mutilated people , post asking for a "life" in candy crush? One day you will have a baby and you are going to share even a poop from him/her!

Baby pictures are not crap, but they definitely do crap... I surely will appreciate sharing my baby photos, but a constant stream of pictures everyday of one person's baby can really clog up the Newsfeed. But yes, game invitations and graphic pictures are much worse.

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