How To: Find the IP address of your computer

Find the IP address of your computer

In this video we learn how to find the IP address of your computer. First, go to your desktop and click on the network in the lower right hand corner. The network and sharing center will now pop up on your computer. Click on the link that says "local area connection". Then a new window will pop up, click "details". Once the information comes up you will be able to see your IP address along with a ton of other information about your network. Another way to find your IP address is to go to the start menu and click on "run". Type in "cmd" and the command prompt will come up. Type in "ipconfig" and then hit the enter button. Your details will come up again with your IP address listed again, you're finished.

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1)Windows XP and some previous version of windows xp ip address checking method.:
Start > Run
Type cmd
Press enter
Type ipconfig (in the new black dos box)
Press enter
its the line that says IP address after you have pressed enter in the black box
IP check up in Linux OS:
2)The easiest way to find your IP is with ifconfig command. Open up your terminal and type:
# /sbin/ifconfig

You can check your Internet ip address using the site also .You can find ISP,including city, country, global latitude & longitude coordinates.

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