How To: Format text on your YouTube posts

Format text on your YouTube posts

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<b> this text is bold</b>
<i>this text is italicized</i>
<u>this text is underlined</u>
<b><i><u>this text is all</u></i></b>

Sorry, but html doesn't work on a YouTube post.


HTML won't work, just do the following instead
To make your comment bold, surround it by two asterisks , e.g.

This comment will appear bold*

......... For italics, just do the same but with an underscore

This comment will appear in italics_

Does anyone know how to make a paragraph break on YouTube? If you're typing a detailed message you should be able to break the text up when changing topics.

I've tried the standard HTML codes <p> and </p> but they don't work - the paragraph's snap back together run right up against . I know it can be done because I've seen it a couple of times.

THANKS in advance to anyone who can help.

Use the enter key 2x

Yeah already tried that it doesn't work.
Still looking for help with that....

Hold down the arrow up key, while you press return twice, or however many times you want.

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