How To: Get Reviews and Trailers for Movie Files by Right Clicking on Them

Get Reviews and Trailers for Movie Files by Right Clicking on Them

Understand the Problem of Couch Potatoes

I have a lot of movies stored on my PC and when I have to finally have the time to watch something, I do not always remember which movie is which. So now I have to google for each movie with the keyboard or search in IMDB.

When I am sitting on the living room couch with wireless mouse in my hand this can be annoying.

Portitle to the Help!

Portitle brings you movie or TV info, reviews, trailers, subtitles for the media file under right click. It will let you choose the information source from a long list of sites like IMDB, Wikipedia, YouTube, OpenSubtitles, etc.

How Portitle Works

Portitle Web App is a smart launcher to dozens of movie and TV related websites. Portitle intelligently identifies any video file stored at your PC, and then will bring you a full wealth of information, reviews or subtitles to that movie or episode.

This is the concept: you right click on any video file in Windows Explorer, select "Portitle" from the context menu, and then Portitle site is opened, the movie file name is sent to the Portitle site, there it gets smartly identified and you can access dozens of popular movie and TV info sources like IMDB, TVDB, AllMovie, ITunes, Wikipedia, TrailerAddict and many more - you are redirected directly to the movie page on the site you selected.

Portitle has large fonts, virtual keyboard, zoom controls and supports mouse only operation so it is really HTPC (Home Theater PC) friendly.

Portitle also has a Chrome add-on - you highlight a movie name, right click and "Send to Portitle", so this can be useful if you encounter a movie name while surfing and want more info ...

So, I think you will like this if you are a movie fan with a PC. Let me know what you think!

Welcome - Portitle

Welcome - Portitle An HTPC friendly movie and TV information portal. Directly access dozens of reviews, trailers, subtitles and torrents for the movie or episode that interests you, all in one place, comfortably from your couch.

Chrome Web Store - Portitle Highlight

Chrome Web Store - Portitle Highlight

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