How To: Get up and running as a seller on eBay

Get up and running as a seller on eBay

Experts say that every house has around 1500 dollars worth of merchandise that could be sold on eBay. eBay is a great alternative to the traditional garage sale these days, and with more and more people joining the site every day - why not get in on the action? eBay is an exciting Internet tool that allows anyone to sell anything. Check out this tutorial, for information and tips on how to start your own eBay seller's account. This is a great video to check out if you are new to eBay or have been buying things but have never sold one.
Hilary Fennel give you all you need to know about the famous auction site. So, why not go through your dusty basement or garage and find some hidden gems to auction off? One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?

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I really liked this video, quite thorough but I would have liked just a bit more on the invoicing process. I also really liked the house. The kitchen is stunning and I love the fireplace. I bet that house has personality.

I am trying to enter an item for sale and I do not know the procedure. Can you help?

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