How To: Hack Facebook chat

Hack Facebook chat

In this Facebook tutorial you will learn how to how to hack Facebook chat in order to browse other pages while still chatting. In just a few moments, you'll be on the road to surfing the interweb & chatting simultaneously.

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1 ams hungary

that is awesome, plus what song is that

that not hack dude

Hey..i tried this..i didnt work..then the next day my facebook account looks like this even i reloaded me please!!

How can i reverse or disable its effect pls??

My facebook account was hacked about a month ago & the hacker added their email, changed the phone number, and added 2 step verification. I have reset the password but cannot get pass the code generator. I tried to go through the Facebook Help Center but I cannot even submit an ID recovery. Please, I need help accessing this Facebook account. Any advice or help is appreciated. Can I regain access without spending money on software?

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