How To: Hack into wireless networks

Hack into wireless networks

First you need to download Aircrack-ng and Second thing you need to download is CommView for Wi-Fi. Now you have to install CommView for Wi-Fi and then install the right driver. Now start CommView and click the logging tab and set it to what is showing in the video. Now click the arrow which is located in the left hand corner it must be blue if not then you did not install the driver. Now click "Start Scanning" and select the WEP encrypted network which you want to crack then click "stop scanning" after and now select the channel. Next you need to capture 2 million packets because we need to 500,000 IV's to crack 128 bit WEP. When you get your packets you need, then click "Stop". Now export your logs in .CAP format by double clicking on them. Now you need to extract "aircrack-ng-0.9.2-win" and click on bin, aircrack-ng GUi. And now you need to find your exported files, for it click choose and select your WEP and 64bit, click launch. Now you have to select 1 for your target network. If it says "Key Found" it means you cracked WEP network.

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it's not working for me :((

how can i know my bits?

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