How To: Have fun with Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" tool

Have fun with Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" tool

Learn to access a number of Google Easter eggs with this simple Google hacker's how-to. Best of all, each of these Easter eggs can be found directly from Google search through use of Google's own "I'm Feeling Lucky" tool. The full list of Easter eggs explored in this video is as follows:

google bsd,
google linux,
google easter egg,
google scholar,
google suggest,
early google,
google moms,
google blog search,
google heart page,
google mentalplex,
google zeitgeist,
google holiday, and
google circa.

For a quick survey of all of the above 19 hacks, take a look!

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Dear Viewers.This video can be quite monotonous with no music or sound other the the annoying keyboard taps, all it shows is basically different languages and I know this is a HowTo site but, we can figure this HowTo by ourselves...By the way, get a hypercam...
Alex1inferno-The Critic

Dear Alex1inferno,
This video demonstrates a LOT more than just different languages, maybe watch the whole video before criticizing. Also, while it does not, in fact, contain music or any other entertaining background, I don't believe the video itself was meant to entertain. The fun part was supposed to come when you tried these tricks and more on your own. As for figuring these out by ourselves, you probably could. But I would prefer to NOT waste hours of trial and error seeking any trick that works when I could watch something like this and establish a base of tricks that DO work before searching for my own. I do however agree with you about the Hypercam, but you could have said it a little nicer.
Have a nice day,
Matthew Harper

that looks fun

good times with friends in pei

thats just boring

Haha if you type in xx-rickroll it shows little Rick Astley heads next to the Google sign. Haha his face looks so funny

the early google doesnt work

also theres google lookin page if u ask me

hey i found one that can let you make a fake google

google "LOL limewire" and click I'm feeling lucky

early google doesn't work anymore because that cache of the old google was actually the lucky button doing it's job. but now the first result is something else, thus you don't get the cache anymore.

and a lot of these are dumb like that because it's just the first result, no tricks...

that was really cool i checked out every 1 of em after i saw it in the video!!

They forgot LOL LIMEWIRE! That's the best one!!!

not hacks or glitches. just access these fun lil homepages by clickin on the language tools to the right of the searchbar

true google.........

hahaha that is awesome

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