HowTo: Hack Wireless Internet

Hack Wireless Internet

Tinkernut demonstrates how to crack a wifi connection, as well as how to better secure your own personal connection. Also included in the video gallery is Tinkernut's previous tutorial on the same subject.

LifeHacker posted a great detailed text guide to accompany the second video below, along with these words of advice:

"Knowledge is power, but power doesn't mean you should be a jerk, or do anything illegal. Knowing how to pick a lock doesn't make you a thief. Consider this post educational, or a proof-of-concept intellectual exercise."

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My head is -- space --- user name - exploded - control c - dir - wirless.cap --- swollen.

can you post a list of wifi cards working with BT5
bt4 and 5 does not detect my card its intel somthing

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